2020 서울 도시농업 국제컨퍼런스에 여러분을 초대합니다.

In the midst global crises such as COVID-19 pandemic and climate change causedby human destruction of nature, we are about to hold the 2020 Seoul International Conference on Urban Agriculture.
The COVID-19 has awakened us to realize that in an age when “your wellness” translates to “my (and our) wellness,” nature and human, one human and another, and city and country are all interconnected. In response to the climate crisis, many countries around the world, including Europe, are hurrying the transition to a new climate regime that aims for carbon neutrality (which means achieving a net zero carbon emission by balancing the quantity of carbon emission with corresponding countermeasures).
The Seoul Metropolitan Government has set the vision for the Urban Agriculture Era 3.0 as “Healthy Seoul Grown By One Million Urban Farmers.” The city government hopes to enhance the value of Seoul through improving the environment, and to build a healthier Seoul through vitalizing communities as it expands various activities and participation. It further dreams that the boundaries between farmers in the country and farmers in the city be broken and they would all work together as “climate farmers.” We have named everyone who contributes to carbon neutrality, takes the lead in promoting biodiversity, and works to build a sustainable food system while practising farming together in the city and the country as “climate farmer.”
To enlarge the urban farmer’s role as climate farmer and spread the pluralistic values of urban agriculture, we decided to set “Climate Farmers Saving the City and the Earth” as the theme. The Pre-Conference on Thursday, November 26 will proceed covering its sub-topics: Carbon Neutrality in Session 1, Biodiversity in Session 2, and Sustainable Food System in Session 3. In the Main Conference on Friday, November 27, keynote speeches, topic presentations, and comprehensive discussions will follow.
In the age of “un-tact,” the Seoul International Conference on Urban Agriculture will go online and anyone who is interested in urban agriculture, including urban farmers from various regions and countries around the world, can participate. For the two days from November 26 through 27, you are welcome to join us at any time in our forum where climate farmers and experts of the world share their experiences and knowledge. Thank you.

October 1, 2020
Committee for 2020 Seoul International Conference on Urban Conference